Ganon Gil Jewish preschool in Poway, California.
Ganon Gil Jewish preschool in Poway, California.

Daily Observances

The teachers, or morot, as they are addressed by the children, follow a Jewish curriculum which guides classroom activities, art projects and a general awareness of the biblical parashiot throughout the year. Hebrew instruction is introduced beginning in the youngest class and is integrated more as the children become older. Blessings are recited at each snack and meal time.

Promoting an understanding as well as actual practice of Jewish values are a part of everyday life at Ganon Gil. Children learn to perform mitzvot(commandments), give tzedakah(righteousness), engage in tikkun olam (caring for the world)projects and incorporate g'milut chasadim (acts of loving kindness) in their social interactions at school.

So that concepts can be explored and reinforced at home, parents receive a monthly newsletter, which is a guide to the focus of the Jewish curriculum for that period of time. The newsletter provides parents vocabulary words and other details about what the children are working on.

Shabbat is celebrated each Friday, usually in the sanctuary. Songs, stories and the blessings for the Shabbat table are included in the fun and child-friendly service.

We Welcome You to Schedule a Tour and Visit Our School

Ganon Gil is a great place to be! For more information or to arrange a tour, please contact Director Marilyn Milne by calling 858-451-6558 or email