Ganon Gil Jewish preschool in Poway, California.


Welcome to the Parparim (Butterflies) class. We are the 4 and 5 year old class. Our philosophy is to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for the children, focusing on pre-kindergarten learning skills such as pre-reading, math and science. We keep in touch with alumni families and are proud to know that our graduates go on to thrive in their next school settings.

Our learning is based on themes. These themes are often centered around the alphabet and the sounds of the letters, as well as science, conservation and environmental awareness and other literacy endeavors. Another main focus in the class is developing social skills such as kindness, good citizenship and self-confidence.

Class opens with creative play. This time is an opportunity for the children to learn about their world. They may build, play games, paint and use any of the learning toys around the classroom.

Circle time is when we talk. We will discuss what's going on in the children's lives, calendar skills, vocabulary development, letter recognition, number awareness, science skills and demonstrate what the children will be involved with that day.

We move on to writer's workshop where we will practice our printing and drawing.

Our class learns about Judaism through holiday activities, music and movement.

We also have a time capsule in which we observe and record the learning and development of each child, which helps document and track progress.

We Welcome You to Schedule a Tour and Visit Our School

Ganon Gil is a great place to be! For more information or to arrange a tour, please contact Director Marilyn Milne by calling 858-451-6558 or email