Ganon Gil Jewish preschool in Poway, California.

Parent Testimonials of Ganon Gil

"It is such a comfort to know that my child is learning and growing in a safe space surrounded by caring professionals. The tight-knit community has made us feel welcomed and secure about our decision to select Ganon Gil."
"It has been our pleasure to be exposed to Ganon Gil teachers, staff, and the whole Temple Adat Shalom community. We found many good friends for us and for our children here. Great opportunity to be part of the Jewish family in San Diego."
–Linda and Gregory R.
"Before starting at Ganon Gil, our son was pretty quiet when it came time to go to preschool. From the moment we toured the facility and he saw his new classroom though, Ganon Gil was all he talked about. He is thriving here, making friends, and learning so much—we are forever thankful for all you do!"
–Marie M.
"My son recently started at Ganon Gil and I cannot say enough positive things. The teachers and staff are all excellent. My son loves going to preschool. Thank you, thank you!"
–Robyn M.
"As an educator, I was impressed with the level of care, support and communication. As a parent, I’m thrilled with the love shown to all the kids by the staff!"
–Liana K.
"My son has been at Ganon Gil Preschool 5 full days a week since he was 2 years old, and I could not be more grateful to the school. This is our first experience with an out-of-home full-time preschool and daycare, and it blew all of my expectations out of the water. My son is receiving an excellent and age-appropriate curriculum, his social skills have exploded, and most importantly I know he is so well taken care of by his wonderful teachers.

Being a full-time working parent, there is nothing better than knowing that although I cannot be with my child during the day, he is with people who love and protect him—and he is happily spending his days with his best friends and teachers!"
–Alisha M.
"The staff at Ganon Gil went above and beyond to make my daughter’s first preschool experience a positive one. Furthermore, they went out of their way to assure me that she was happy and thriving.

The loving, nurturing, and play-based environment at Ganon Gil makes my daughter look forward to coming to school every day, and we have seen her development grow by leaps and bounds since she started."
–Nicole M.
"Your teachers and staff have made a tremendous impact on Isaac’s development and we are beyond grateful. Thank you so much!"
–Ali L.
"Your teachers and staff have made a tremendous impact on Isaac’s development and we are beyond grateful. Thank you so much!"
–Sandra K.
"We have sent both our daughters to Ganon Gil. From the moment we first visited we knew the combo of the warm and caring teachers and the sense of community was exactly what we were looking for. We have never been more right! I have and will continue to highly recommend Ganon Gil to anyone looking for childcare."
–Jenny K.
"I am very picky when it comes to anything for my son and I went through a lot of different options, and Ganon Gil works well for us! Highly recommend it. My son just graduated and is about to go to Kindergarten and I honestly wish I could keep him in Ganon Gil forever.

Ganon Gil is perfect for parents looking for quality education, safety, amazing teachers and staff, and a warm, caring community. We are not religious (I am Jewish and my husband is not) but I have a Jewish family/background and felt comfortable sending my son to another Jewish preschool. This school, like our previous one, is diverse and there are kids there whose families are not part of the synagogue—everyone is welcome! My son blossomed at Ganon Gil socially, emotionally, and academically. The staff is warm and welcoming and it’s a great tight-knit community where everyone knows your name. I work full-time and it was a real challenge to find a quality school in Poway that had extended hours, so that has been incredibly helpful."
–Kira S.
"Our family has had a great experience at Ganon Gil. The staff is wonderful, the classrooms are spacious, and my son has learned so much about Judaism. I am very grateful that we found Ganon Gil."
–Ellye K.
"Everyone at Ganon Gil has been so welcoming. It’s comforting to have such a close knit community at Ganon Gil. I wouldn’t want my daughter in any other environment for her education. We LOVE Ganon Gil!"
"My experiences with Ganon Gil have been nothing but positive. The staff are (sic) attentive and interactive and it’s easy to see why my child loves going to school. The patience and care the teachers apply daily in the classrooms has (sic) such a positive influence on the children and the group as a whole. This place is truly a gem! I’m thankful for all the staff and teachers here at Ganon Gil."
–Jessica C.

We Welcome You to Schedule a Tour and Visit Our School

Ganon Gil is a great place to be! For more information or to arrange a tour, please contact Director Marilyn Milne by calling 858-451-6558 or email