About Us

  • About Us

    Ganon Gil is a very special place that employs best practices in early childhood education.  We have crafted an eclectic curriculum incorporating standards of the National Education for the Association for the Education of Young Children as well as elements of Montessori and Reggio Emilia.  Developmentally appropriate activities organized by interest centers are carefully selected to stimulate learning for each age and stage of development.  A balance between our play based approach and targeted learning outcomes insures that children ultimately leave our program ready for kindergarten. Jewish values are used as a basis for much of what we teach.  Even if your family is of another faith, as some of our population is, you will appreciate your child’s engagement in an environment where kindness for others, respect for people, animals, and the earth is celebrated.  We have lovely outdoor play areas and value exercise and large motor play.

    Supporting families is an integral component of our program. Our staff has a vast knowledge of child development to share.  We are here to listen and offer guidance with the initial separation process and throughout your child’s enrollment. Frequent communication and updates on progress will help you to feel at ease.   Opportunities to participate in school functions also help you to feel a sense of connection and belonging to the program and other families.

  • Philosophy

    We recognize that play is essential to a child’s development. Children learn through their daily experiences by trial and error, repetition, imitation and identification. The social, emotional, cognitive, physical and creative aspects of each child’s experiences are encouraged through hands-on activities from which the child can really absorb new learning, thus promoting “the whole child.”

    How do we create and impart on your child a strong Jewish identity? We emphasize Jewish culture, Jewish values and traditions.

    Children learn best along an individualized continuum, suited for their unique pace of development. Our role then is to nurture, guide, encourage and challenge each child according to his or her particular stage of development. Your child’s every need will be met.

  • Director's Message

    Ganon Gil provides an environment grounded in values. We instill in the children a love of Judaism and a curiosity about their roots. We practice the values and customs of our heritage through holiday celebrations and every day life. Our curriculum is emergent. We believe that children learn best when they are highly interested in the subject matter. We therefore use themes that are flexible and take into account the interests of the child.

    For more information on the Ganon Gil Early Childhood Center, please call Marilyn at 858-451-1200 or email us.

  • Schedules

    We are open 7:30am – 5:30pm Monday through Friday with full and part time schedules available

    Families also have the option to add additional time either before or after the morning and afternoon enrichment schedule with a very reasonable hourly rate, being charged only for the portion of the hour used.


    Ganon Gil Early Childhood Center
    The Nest Infant and Toddler Center
    At Temple Adat Shalom
    15905 Pomerado Rd
    Poway, CA 92064

    (858) 451-1200


    Ganon Gil is a great place to be!
    For more information or to arrange
    a tour, please contact Director
    Marilyn Milne

    (858) 451-1200


    Ganon Gil (Garden of Joy) is expanding! Interest and wait lists are now forming for our Infant-Toddler Center. Limited Availability! 

    (858) 451-1200